Wednesday 16 November 10:30AM

Negotiation Skills (Winter)

In the world of theatrical management, we are always negotiating. Whether it is pay deals or purchasing, with patrons or promoters, improving our negotiation skills will make our life much easier. And in this tough economic situation, the need to get the best possible deal is more pressing than ever.

Suitable For:

  • This course is aimed at managers, directors and producers in the world of performing arts who would like to improve their negotiation skills.

Course Outline

This course uses the latest thinking from Harvard Business School to achieve sustainable negotiated agreements that satisfy all parties at the table, using powerful tools to deal with the most complex of multi-party negotiations. Through role-plays and with application to real life negotiations, with feedback and coaching, delegates will learn advanced negotiation techniques to achieve their best deal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of negotiation
  • Build profitable and sustainable relationships through negotiating win-win solutions with customers and suppliers, internal or external.
  • Call on a repertoire of advanced techniques to get around any impasse in the negotiation due to conflicting demands.
  • “Negotiate backwards” to successfully resolve complex multi-party negotiations
  • Leverage power differences for your own gain
  • Deal effectively with the most difficult of negotiators
  • Get your best deal in any situation.


Simon Horton has been teaching negotiation skills for 15 years. He has taught hostage negotiators and many top law firms, banks and organisations across all sectors. He is a Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art and the author of ‘The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation’, published by The Financial Times. He has a weekly show on Shoreditch Radio and has also performed as a trapeze artist and as a stand-up comedian.